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About Us

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HM Automate is all about the latest technological trends in the field of Smart Home and Home Automation. We publish various articles keeping in view the latest trends and queries all over the world. This site aims to provide you with the best experience and we strive to work around the user-friendliness of visitors.


To provide the best knowledge about smart home technologies and home automation-related devices used all over the world. Moreover to show the impact and practicality of these devices.


To become the number one website about home automation technologies and their latest trends in the market.


M Nabeel Khan Founder HM Automate

Wahaj Ahmed B.E Mechanical

A determined and task-oriented person interested in smart home innovations and their related products/gadgets. Have been working in the professional sector for over 9+ years in different mechanical areas. Being a technical background along with knowledge of business management & supply chain I have served in the field of designing, operation & maintenance, and management side throughout my career. Started this venture to share the ultimate guidance and knowledge about current and future technological advancements.


Wahaj Ahmed HM Automate Founder