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The New SwitchBot Lock Pro Redefines Smart Home Security

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Tired of fumbling for keys? Smart locks offer a keyless future, letting you unlock your door with your phone, voice, or even fingerprint. With sales booming and features like remote access and detailed entry logs, smart locks are becoming a home security must-have.

Introducing the New SwitchBot Lock Pro

The SwitchBot Lock Pro is a rising star in the smart lock revolution. It boasts easy installation, universal compatibility with existing locks (including Euro Cylinders and Single Cylinder Deadbolts), robust security features, and seamless integration with smart home systems for $90 at the pre-launched offer. Let’s explore how SwitchBot Lock Pro can elevate your home security.

A Seamless Blend of Design and Functionality

The SwitchBot Lock Pro features a sleek, intuitive design that complements your home’s aesthetics and enhances functionality. Installation is a breeze – no professional help needed! It’s a universal fit, designed to work with your existing locks, whether they’re Euro Cylinders or Single Cylinder Deadbolts.

Upgrade Your Locks in Minutes

Upgrade your old locks effortlessly with the SwitchBot Lock Pro. No DIY headaches—installation takes minutes. You can see in the video here. Your fingerprint becomes the key, offering 15 ways to access. Say goodbye to battery woes with options for AA batteries or a rechargeable pack. Plus, enjoy seamless integration with Apple Home via Matter

Comparison with Other Retrofit Smart Locks

Euro Cylinder door lock retrofitting

Europe Based LocksSwitchBot Lock ProOther Retrofit Smart Locks
Euro Profile Cylinder
UK Oval Cylinder
Swiss Round Cylinder
Knob Cylinder
Multipoint Locks
3D Printing Fitment Services

Single Cylinder door lock retrofitting

North America Based locksSwitchBot Lock ProOther Retrofit Smart Locks
Single Cylinder Deadbolt
Jimmy Proof
3D Printing Fitment Services

The SwitchBot Lock Pro offers a range of exciting features, but it’s important to keep in mind that some functionalities are still under development. To ensure the product meets your needs and integrates seamlessly with your home setup, it’s important to verify compatibility with your existing locks directly with SwitchBot before making a purchase

  • Accessories Pending: The SwitchBot Lock Pro is a work in progress, with additional accessories slated for future release.
  • Auto-Lock Limitation: The Auto-Lock feature does not support Multipoint Locks1.
  • Compatibility Confirmation: For assurance on compatibility with your specific lock type, reach out to the SwitchBot customer support team at

Security , Functions and Support

Enhanced Security: The Lock Pro is the strongest rear-mounted smart lock on the market, offering unparalleled security.

Emergency Function: Life is unpredictable, but your access to your home shouldn’t be. The Lock Pro’s emergency function ensures you can always get in, even if another key is inside the lock1.

Matter Support: As a Matter-enabled device, the Lock Pro works harmoniously with Apple Home and other smart systems, making it a versatile addition to any smart home.

The following features contribute to the robust security system of the SwitchBot Lock Pro, providing peace of mind and enhanced protection for your home. If you need more details or have other questions, feel free to ask!

  • Door Status Logs: Keeps a record of all door activity.
  • Door Open Alarms: Alerts when the door is opened.
  • Door Ajar Alarms: Notifies if the door is left ajar.
  • Low Battery Alarms: Warns when the battery is low.
  • AES-128 Encryption: Ensures communication is secure using advanced encryption.
  • Door Open Remote Notifications: Sends alerts remotely when the door is opened.
  • Door Ajar Remote Notifications: Sends alerts remotely if the door is left ajar.
  • Low Battery Remote Notifications: Sends alerts remotely when the battery is low.
  • Virtual Passcodes: Allows the creation of temporary passcodes for guests.
  • Emergency Passcodes: Provides a backup access option in case of emergencies.
  • Emergency Fingerprint Unlock: Offers an alternative way to unlock using a fingerprint in emergencies.

SwitchBot’s Innovative Lock Packages

SwitchBot offers three distinct packages to cater to different needs and preferences, ensuring there’s a suitable choice for every customer.

  1. Lock Pro with Hub Mini Matter Enabled & Keypad Touch Combo: This comprehensive package includes the Lock Pro, the Hub Mini with Matter support, and the Keypad Touch for enhanced security and convenience.
  2. Lock Pro with Hub Mini Matter Enabled Combo: This bundle features the Lock Pro along with the Hub Mini, which is enabled with Matter for smart home connectivity.
  3. Lock Pro: The standalone option for those seeking the basic smart lock functionality without additional accessories.

The key difference between Lock and Lock Pro

The Lock Pro distinguishes itself with the addition of a Quick Key function, absent in the previous model. It also boasts an extended battery life of 12 months, thanks to a dual power pack, and now features the convenience of a low battery unlock option

SwitchBot Lock Pro FAQs

Battery Life

Q: How long do the batteries in Keypad or Keypad Touch last?

A: On average, you can expect around 2 years of battery life for your Keypad or Keypad Touch. This may vary depending on usage.


Q: Will my existing SwitchBot devices work with Lock Pro?

A: Yes! All your SwitchBot Lock Series devices, including Keypad, Keypad Touch, and SwitchBot NFC Card, will work seamlessly with SwitchBot Lock Pro.

Q: Are the batteries the same for Keypad/Touch and Lock Pro?

A: No. Keypad and Keypad Touch use CR-123A batteries, while Lock Pro uses AA batteries.

Lock Pro Features

Q: Is Lock Pro Matter enabled?

A: Not directly. However, you can connect Lock Pro to SwitchBot Hub 2 (which supports Matter) to sync it with Apple Home or other smart home platforms.

Q: What door angles does Lock Pro support for locking/unlocking?

A: Lock Pro works with entrance locks that have a locking/unlocking rotation angle of 10 degrees or more. If you’re unsure about your lock’s compatibility, contact SwitchBot customer support.

Q: Will I lose calibration data when replacing Lock Pro batteries?

A: Unlike the previous SwitchBot Lock, Lock Pro remembers lock and unlock positions even after battery removal and replacement. No need to recalibrate!

Q: When can I buy the SwitchBot Lock Pro Dual Power Pack?

A: The Dual Power Pack is expected to be available mid-May. Check the SwitchBot website for updates.