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Ultimate guide on the smart and traditional security door lock

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If you are looking for, all about smart home security door lock and the type of best locking mechanism OR how to secure and strengthen your front door? Want to know more about door material that best suits your living. Some tips and tricks to avoid burglaries attempt. Then you are on the right track.

According to the latest stats 2.6Million, home break-ins happen each year. Every other 20 seconds, a home theft happens in the US. In such scenarios, when we already living in the era of technology then why not deploy smart security door lock and such tech in our daily lifestyle. Ultimately it will make our life safer and more secure.

Once you have done this article, you will be able to decide, the best door material for your home, you will be aware of minor and important information to make it difficult for lock pickers or lock bumper to break in. You will come to know the significance of the deadbolt cylinder and its types and the role it plays to make your traditional or smart lock the most secure one. The article will also shares tips and tricks on smart security door lock usage.

How to strengthen your home security door lock

obsolete locks

First thing first, before selecting any high-security smart door lock. One thing needs to be sure about the strength of your front door, over which you are planning to install smart security door locking system. Front doors are the main access to your home. Quality and other safety parameters should always be first priority.

If you are installing the best high-quality security door lock but if the door itself is not that much strong then all your money for smart or traditional security door lock will be wasted and no meaning to any kind of safety.

We have compiled a detailed guide for strengthening and reinforcing the door and its locking mechanism. This will give you a clear picture in order to have a high quality, durable and secure solution for the long term.

Make of the front door

There are several material variants are available in the market for the door. Wooden, Steel, uPVC, Fiberglass, and composite material are generally available in the market.

Factors that need to be considered for front door material are as follows.

Highly Durable ––  Anticorrosive, Very less or no prone to rotting and decomposition.

Energy Efficient ––  Good for insulating outside temperature. Less energy will require to control inside temperature.

Material Strength ––  How difficult to tamper and break the door.

Low Maintenance ––  Washing and Cleaning require no special treatment.

Aesthetic ––  Appearance and looks such as wooden type texture. 

Cost ––  Cost effective or whether it will be exorbitant( uneconomical)

Front Door –– Made of Wooden

wooden door material

Following are the key points that we have gathered regarding security doors made of wooden materail.

  1. Durability of wooden type door is a question. It may degrade over time due to weather and many other environmental impacts.
  2. They are good in insulating temperature but other door materials are much better energy efficient than wooden type doors.
  3. Strength of the door can be compromised easily with forceful tools. In that case, an extra strengthening mechanism (will be discussed in this article later) could be required to avoid such situation.
  4. Cleaning should be done with due care by not using much liquid to wash. This may degrade the door material to rot and wrap fast.
  5. Wooden texture always gives an elegant look to the door.
  6. A solid pure wooden(maple or red oak) door may cost in a range of 300 $ to 850$.

Front Door –– Made of Steel

metallic door material

Following are the key points that we have gathered regarding security doors made of Steel.

  1. Many Stainless Steel with high grade of SS316 or above can withstand firm with minor or no degrading or corrosion issues.
  2. Some steel doors require special anti corrosive paint that will make them more durable but it will increase the cost.
  3. Insulation capacity of steel itself is not good so again an additional foaming layers need to be added on both sides to achieve energy-efficient steel door.
  4. Depending on the type which is a hollow or a solid steel door. If it is solid, then its strength will be remarkable but not easy to handle before installation and even after installation due to its heavy weight.
  5. Solid Steel doors will need heavy-duty hinges and frames that will hold the door firmly with the structure.
  6. Usually single paint color is available on steel door structures. Making wooden aesthetics on steel are rarely seen.
  7. If anticorrosive paint has been applied than washing is no harm for steel door but still with care. So much water usage may weaken the screws on the hinges and other support which is dangerous for heavy steel doors.
  8. Solid steel, insulating material, and corrosive protections for a secure steel door may take the cost on the higher side.
  9. Cost range starting from 450$ to 1500$

Front Door –– Made of Composite

Composite door material
  1. Composite doors are made up of a combination of uPVC, GRP(glass reinforced plastic), insulating foam layers, and in many composite door, timber wood also used.
  2. These are made to perform well for thermally efficient usage with controlled audacity.
  3. Strength of the material is much improved as it has been reinforced by fiberglass polymer and wood core inside.
  4. Cleaning and washing can easily be done without any extra due care because of PVC all over.
  5. Handling of door is comparatively easier than heavy solid steel doors.
  6. You can have best wooden kind of texture easily with ready-made options.
  7. These are not easy to break in. As these are thick layered doors with a chemical mix of uPVC, wood and GRP.
  8. Best for harsh weather resistance.
  9. They are much costly as compared to other door types. But their lifespan is more than 35years
  10. Cost range starts from 1000$ to 2000$.

Reinforcement components for the front door.

After the selection and confirmation of the door material. The second important thing is the reinforcement of your door structure by other external means. This will ensure the robustness of the door mechanism and its structure in long term. Any kind of burglary attempt by breaking the door will be tackled and keep door safety intact, if proper reinforcement has been deployed.

Following important components for strengthening your front door.

  1. Striker Plate
  2. Door lock Plate
  3. Hinge Plate
  4. Multiple lock door plate

Striker Plate

striker plate

A striker plate is a metallic thick plate that is installed on the door frame instead of the door. It is installed using set of screws. Recommended screw size for the striker plate is 3inches. Using this size of screw, it will jam it properly with the door frame. It ensures the strengthening of loaded spring and deadbolt lock jamming area of door.

Door lock Plate

door lock plate

The door lock plate is also similar to the striker plate but it is installed on the face of the lock. It further increases the strength of the security door lock area with the addition to striker plate in parallel.

Hinge Plate

heavy duty hinges

Whether your door is steel type or wooden type, the main weight of the door is handled at the hinges of the door. If your hinges are not strong enough then it will be easy for the burglar to break your door from the main attachment to the door frame

Multiple lock Door Plate

Some of the security door locks utilizes multiple point locking mechanism (on top and bottom position). This multi-lock is synced with the main security door lock deadbolt. Such mechanism required complete door plate – Multiple lock door plate from top to bottom instead of single small door lock plate at the main lock bolt side.

Multiple door lock plate

Deadbolt Lock cylinder mechanism

What is a deadbolt lock?

deadbolt lock

Deadbolt is one of the powerful locking devices for front door security door lock. It is operated using key or knob rotation in particular directions for both to lock and unlock positions. There is no spring mechanism that keeps hold deadbolt in one place like other spring-operated locking systems. The Spring-type door lock is the one, in which retraction of the locking hook can be done by spring releasing.

Most of the smart security door lock uses a deadbolt security door lock as one of the most secure lock mechanism. Later in the article, we discussed more related to deadbolt type, standards, and its strong cylinders insights.

Type of Dead Bolt Lock

A deadbolt lock consists of a few important components which are Handle, Knob, Key lock hole, and Cylinder. The cylinder is one of the key components of a security door lock. Based on Cylinder mechanism, there are two types of Deadbolt, 1) Single Cylinder and 2) Double Cylinder.

Single Cylinder: It is the one that can be lock from a knob on one side and a key on the other side. It is recommended where frequent and swift opening and closing is a normal routine. Another usage condition in which, you have only one emergency exit from home, so in case of emergency knob unlocking is more feasible than using a mechanical key. 

single sided deadbolt

Double Cylinder: It is the one which can be lock from both side using mechanical key only. The purpose of such deadbolt is to ensure only authorized person can access door for both entrance and exit as well. Practical example; home with kids, where you don’t want kids to access door lock and not let them go out without anyone knowing. In such a home double cylinder lock mechanism is useful.

double sided deadbolt

Lock Cylinder functionality and its various type of keys

Cylinder functionality works on pin tumbler lock mechanism. This mechanism consists of number of pins aligned parallel to each other with different sizes to make a combination. When we insert correct key into the pin tumbler lock, all pins adjust themselves with the groves of key on certain height to unlock and allow rotation of the cylinder lock.

pint tumbler mechanism

Decent brands uses the Pin Tumbler mechanism with 6 to 8 numbers of pins to make a strong combination in order to make lock picking difficult.

Today many lock manufacturers not only rely on these pins combination, for unlocking cylinder locks. But also they have included additional latch/slot matching mechanism on key to strengthening lock combination. This will change cylinder locking  into two dimensional.

multi dimension keys

Some lock manufacturers also produce false or bluff key slots to raise the lock complexity to guess right combination or resist bumping attempts. Dimple keys are also highly complex type of key locks which has digitally printed holes on the flat surface of the key, and sometimes along with the groves on the edge.

It is recommended to have a cylinder lock with high combination complexity (using two-dimensional slots ) and equal or more than 8 numbers of pin combinations. More on cylinder security can be judged by complying with ratings and standards defined by Door and Hardware Federations.

Rating and Standards of Dead Bolt Cylinder

Now, the question is, how can we be sure about the quality and high security of a lock? Well, there are several standards to ensure the best class for the cylindrical locks. The lock supplier must have these standards certification for their deadbolt locks, if not shown to, you may enquire as a legal right.

Following are the standards that a deadbolt security door lock should stamp with, to be in the category of highly secure and safe locks, and with maximum protection from various attacks.

lock standards and rating
BS EN 1303

BS EN 1303:2015 is the latest version of British Standards for Cylindrical Lock. After several physical testing (PAS24 a test of 2min 30sec) on cylinder locks, this standard has adopted an 8 digit Coding format to define the level of protection a lock can provide the user. Each digit has its own grading. Here is the detailed BS EN 1303:2015 for your better understanding Download It for FREE.

  • Digit 1 – Use of Category where key shall bear 2.5Nm [1 kgfm(kilogramforce per meter)=9.8Nm]
  • Digit 2 – Durability and refers to three grades(4-6) test cycles (25k to 100k Cycles)
  • Digit 3 – Door Mass (Not required) keep 0
  • Digit 4 – Suitability use on Fire. One grade can be used with smoke fire other not.
  • Digit 5 – Safety (No requirement) keep 0
  • Digit 6 – Corrosion and temperature Resistance. Four grades(0-C)
  • Digit 7 – Key related security. Defined by six grades(1-6) with four parameters on each grade.
  • Digit 8 – Attack Resistance.  Defined by three grades(0-2) with five parameters on each grade.

Other door hardware items apart from cylinder lock are lever handle and knob. These are also specified by the same 8-digit standard coding for their level of security.


TS007:2014 + A1:2015 is another British Standard under the umbrella of BSI Kitemark. UK Door and Hardware federation has developed this standard to specify the degree of safety for cylindrical type locks can provide end users. This standard allotted a three-star rating to a cylinder. The 1-star rating is the lowest level of safety whereas the 3-star cylinder rating was achieved after 5 different successful attack tests of lock bumping, drilling, snapping, and picking.

Sold Secure

Sold Secure is one of the renowned certifications in the industry of door locks. It specifies the level of resistance a lock can bear with a thief attack or breaking of the lock. It has four grading levels as follows. Many insurance companies also refer to this standard compliance for a front security door lock.

Bronze – provides defense against simple picking tools

Silver – provides defense against advanced picking tools

Gold – provides defense against expert picking tools

Diamond – provides defense against highly dedicated picking tools

BS3621: 2007

This Standard defines the deadbolt cylinder locking and unlocking from one side using a key. This standard is a mandatory requirement by many insurance companies for your home insurance. These standards support the best utilization when other escape routes are not available or when an emergency exit is necessary. Download the best practice guide for FREE on single side and double side cylinder locks.

Smart Security door lock

smart security door lock

So far we have covered details regarding material of the door, door strengthening, Deadbolt locks  and related necessary standards. Always consider all these technicalities before installing a front door or retrofitting the exiting security door lock. If you have used the right stuff, It will surely be going to make difficult for any thief to break into your house.

Now we have a modern security system that introduces smart security door locks. If you have taken all above mentioned main points into consideration and additionally installed a modern and smart security door lock, it will turn solid safety against any burglary attempts.

Smart Security door lock will make you carefree and easy to access your door lock from anywhere. Primarily It can operate itself and will only allow persons permitted to enter easily with no mechanical key requirement.

Rest of the post will revolve around smart security door lock and related details, brands, features, advantages, and much more. Keep Reading.

Arlo video door bell

Is a Smart Security door lock Safe?

The most important concern of many users, whether this Smart Security door lock is safer than traditional standard locks? In this case, there is one thing that needs to be clear, and that is the internal mechanism. Every other lock, whether standard deadbolts or smart deadbolt locks, all are same with regards to internal mechanism. Not only mechanism, which is core to functionality but also standards and security certification are all same.

This means Smart Security door lock offer the same level of safety and security for the door locks. Additionally, it provides several advanced features that take your security of home to the next level. We will discuss these features in detail later in this article

How secure are smart door locks?

Smart Lock with advanced features like notifying you about any unusual attempt to open lock or features like allowing you to change key every now and then whenever you feel like, key privacy has been compromised. Such real-time smart features have made these locks safer than standard locks.

security door lock safety

One more advantage of smart lock over standard lock is deterring power. When a burglar will find the lock is a digital smart security door lock. It’s a psychological game that most of the thieves don’t bother to put hands over such lock which is monitored or may notify authorities about lock picking.

Along with safety, today most of the smart lock vendors also provide a decent aesthetic design of lock appearance which will match your door.

Is your Home Safe after Smart Security door lock deployment?

The most critical access point into one home is the front main door. That’s why throughout the article we have been emphasizing more and more on front door security. If you make your front door and other entrances more secure in terms of any burglary attempt, lock picking, lock bumping, or door shattering. In this way, you can consider your home more safe and more secure.

But still, there are other access points such as first-story room windows or any other window. For these vulnerable points in your house, some safety measures are required. In such a scenario, it is highly recommended to install motion and glass breaking sensors. As well as there are window open and close sensors available that can help also your modern security system to keep an eye on every unusual activity at all possible entrance points of the house. A complete smart safety system can make your home more secure along with a smart security door lock.

What to consider when selecting Smart Security door lock?

worrying for door safety

There are numerous smart security door locks in the market. All are claiming best services and high quality with the latest features. But how can we just simply trust their marketing pitch or attractive ads? Here we have listed down all necessary screening aspects one should always keep in mind before selecting a smart security door lock for their front door.

Most significantly, we have already covered the main components of a strong security door which are, strengthening plates, door material, deadbolt lock with security-certified cylinders, etc. In the light of the fact that if you have been utilizing a standard lock without understanding its safety level certification. You cannot ensure a high level of safety just after replacing an old deadbolt with high-cost smart security door lock.

Smart Security door lock is not just a fancy thing or hobbyist stuff to deploy over the front door. For the sake of hobby, you may try various smart lock brands in other rooms, which are not the main entrance to your home. But one should never risk their main front door.

Smart Security door Lock Checklist

security door lock checklist
  • Check the installation compatibility with the standard deadbolt lock, in terms of dimensions and in writing.
  • Do check the sold secure certification or other safety certification as mentioned at the start of this post.
  • It should have connectivity such as Bluetooth, WIFI, Zigbee, and z-wave technology.
  • Fingerprint detection or keypad kind of entrance access smart security door locks have inherent issues over time. So ensure these features’ durability when selecting a smart lock.One can also buy without a keypad, smart security door lock.
  • Do consider cylinder lock with multi-dimension key as mentioned above in detail in this post.
  • A key fob is another good idea to have additional to your smart lock. Keyless entrance may increase the lock mechanism’s life span.
  • Smart lock should be compatible with Google Assistant, Apple home kit, Amzaon Smart home, or other Smart Home Hub systems.
  • Keeping in view several airborne diseases, antimicrobial fabric should be used by smart lock vendors for handles and knobs.
  • The smart lock should work well without internet using in-house WIFI hub, z-wave &  zigbee technology, or Bluetooth. To avoid any kind of hacker influence.
  • Do check its installing accessories such as strengthening plates as mentioned above in the post. If not supplied by vendor then purchase separately with long 3inches screws to fit well in the door frame.
  • You may need some work of chisel and fitting on the door frame. So do consider installation cost if hiring vendor services.
  • Smart Lock should be capable to withstand in case of power failure or any electrical surge. Most of them are battery-operated.
  • It is better to subscribe for after-warranty services in case of any replacement emergency or monitoring plan.

Hope this might have covered the main aspects of purchasing a smart security door lock.

Smart Security door lock Brands

We have compiled the latest 2022 price list of several amazingly powerful known Smart Security door locks as follows along with its link to product details.

Smart Security door lock BrandsLatest Price
August Smart Lock Pro$ 300/-
Eufy Smart lock$260/-
Kwikset aura keypad lock$135/-
Schlage encode plus$ 300/-
Yale Assure Lever$ 290/-
Danalock V3$255/-
Friday Duo Smart Lock$ 200/-
Lockitron Bolt$39/-
Sesame smart lock$120/-
ULTRALOQ UL3 BT(2nd Gen)$210/-
Simplisafe Smart lock$100/-
Igloohome Deadbolt 2s metal$209/-
Price list

What can you do with a Smart Security Door Lock?

smart security door lock features
  1. Locking and unlocking is no more hassle activity. Smart Lock will adjust itself with your routine in a highly secure manner. Some smart locks still work with a traditional key if you feel your lock’s battery is out.
  2. Voice command locking is also possible with your favorite smart home hubs, Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, etc.
  3. Not only use for the main front door. But you can install it on any of your home secure places, rooms, garage, etc. Depending on the brand offering for you.
  4. Get instant notification when someone who has access to the passcode enters your home in your absence.
  5. Any kind of attack on your front door lock can be notified or give a hooter alarm to make scare burglar.
  6. You can change the passcode whenever you feel like changing it. Like when changing tenants. Smart lock is very useful for Airbnb users.
  7. You can assign several unique codes for various users such as baby sitter, plumbers, dog walkers etc
  8. The door will lock itself if you keep it open for more than a certain set time such as 3 minutes.
  9. No need for internet all the time. It works fine over Bluetooth and other smart home hubs signals such as zigbee or z-waves technology. Some smart lock have their own WIFI Bridge that does not require a special home hub.
  10. It will notify you if the door frame is still open apart from the strike plates and the door frame.
  11. You can check lock status as well. If you are not sure of how did you leave the door or if your door is not closed properly.
  12. More compatibilities are available now with many brands that fit your lifestyle, such as a smartwatch, apple watch, home kit, etc
Eufy smart lock

Issues & Precautions with Smart Security door lock

Where Smart Security door locks have several advantages over traditional locks, It also have some important issues that need to be kept in mind before using it.

Keypad Interface lock

Many users prefer a keypad interface lock. Main disadvantage of keypad type lock is its life. Most of the keypad lock gets out of order completely or sometime many of its buttons get stuck or deteriorate over the time. There are many brands that offer simple traditional look key type smart security door lock without any keypad.

Calibration issue

Sometime wrong calibration may turn smart lock into complete headache as it will start to malfunction and become insecure. Try follow proper calibration guide if any issue refer vendor immediately.

Deadbolt Malfunctioning

Many smart lock user has reported deadbolt malfunctioning in different brands. The main problem is deadbolt operate itself before jamming of the door or closing of the door properly aligned with strike plate. It’s due to some inherent issue of brands check review always or sometime it needs calibration.

Battery low notification

The battery drains out in some smart lock so fast, without giving any pre-alarm to your mobile phone notification. Make sure you will have notification of battery low in-case.

Sudden reset

Some of the users reported they faces smart-lock setting reset without doing any reset. They faced this issue most of the time whenever they replace batteries. Do check these activities in your warranty time period.

Compatibility with all-weather

Weather is one of the main issues, low quality smart lock manufacturer less care about it. You need to check IP rating as well which defines ingress protection from dust and water safety level.

Android & IOS Pairing

Pairing issue with Bluetooth android and IOS deviecs. This will become nightmare if your smart lock is not able to pair properly with your mobile device. Do check every possible and your required pairing settings under waranty

Software Update

Always update the software to save your smart lock from any kind of cyber-attack. This happens with many users that they ignore software updates and after few days their smart lock start behaving weird. Sometime it locks and unlocks itself. Avoid such situation and any harm to your home.

Use fake keypad

If you are planning to purchase a smart lock with traditional looks (no keypad) but you also want to keep fear for burglar about your heavy smart security system. Then you can order a separate mimic keypad that has nothing to do with your main smart door lock device. A backlight keypad installed on your front door and red alert blinking on it, will surely going to deter burglars for their malicious plans.

Weightage to user reviews

Good brands’ smart security door lock never malfunction unnecessarily and are equally secure as traditional door locks. Always read the user guide and installation guide and make sure you have gone through public reviews on a particular smart lock.


This is what we have compiled for smart lock enthusiasts. It covered many aspects regarding door safety and smart security door locks, their type, mechanism, features, issues, and renowned brands’ latest prices with their relevant details. You can get a copy of British standards for understanding security door lock safety levels and other info

Do share with us. What you have installed for your smart security locking system? Do share your experiences and reviews on your product. Comment below and you can also join our HM Automate community on social platforms.

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