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How to make money from Home Automation Business?

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The market of Home Automation is about $64.5 Billion in 2020 and it is expected to grow every year with an increasing rate of 10%. So you can imagine the worth of such a huge high-tech business that is growing rapidly in the world. In this article, I will share with you, what are the possible practical ideas that you can decide to tap into this huge profitable market and make good money out of this home automation business

Who are the giants of Home Automation Business

Before we move forward if you want to know more about Home Automation System, you can read our topic “what-is-home-automation-in-detail”.The pioneer of smart home systems and those who are continuously improving for more quality development are.

  1. Google ———————— with its Google NEST and its supporting products
  2. Apple —————————with its Homekit and its supporting products
  3. Amazon ———————— with its Alexa and its supporting products
  4. Samsung ——————— with its SmartThings and its supporting products
High Tech Smart Home Leaders

Mobile, computers, and laptops are no more their only target devices in this era. They have successfully shifted themselves to our home appliances and utility devices such as a heater, vacuum cleaner, water storage system, curtains, blinds, etc. This is some good news for all of us and not just because now we can expect quality products but also because it is in favor of our idea to make money out of this home automation. They are undoubtedly the leaders and by following their trail we can also drive our own business based on home digitization in the 21st century. 

Four practical ways to make money from Home Automation

There are 4 best-proven methods that one can choose to start a successful business in this field. Here I have mentioned the methods from less to high investment requirement relatively. It is recommended to start with a low investment method and then gradually shift to the next with experience. First and foremost you need to be highly knowledgeable in the field of engineering, programming, and electrical installation for this business.

making money from home automation ebook

1. Website Marketing

  • Website marketing is the easiest way to make handsome money from Home Automation business, It only requires you a computer system with internet, and need very less investment to start with.
  • Decide a domain set up a website and start writing valuable content to attract good traffic on your website.
  • Try to come up with a problem solution kind of content this will not only give traffic response but also help you better understand this field and gaining the trust of your viewers.
  • Find out your competitors in the market and understand how they are behaving in this field of automation.
  • Go for affiliate programs and make content around them. Internet is full of home automation-related affiliate programs.
  • Understand Google ranking methods this will help you grow your website business.
  • Never think of spamming as it may end up banning your website in Google search engines.
  • Explore more areas in website money-making strategy. There are thousands of options but stick to your niche.
  • Come up with online services or online tools related to Home Automation, offer free and both premium packages. This is something value you are sharing with your audience.
  • Grow the world of home automation.

2. Youtube Marketing

  • Youtube Marketing is a valuable addition to website marketing. This will support your website content as well as increase your source of income.
  • Whatever content you write on your website regarding home automation you should simply put it in a visual presentation using tools to create attractive videos for a content explanation.
  • Visual marketing is more responsive than written content marketing and you can imagine results with the combination of both.
  • With the help of Youtube you can make effective product reviews by unboxing in your content video. For this, you need to purchase and invest in products but believe me, it will give you the best response from your target market.
  • Again utilize affiliate marketing and ads to make money out of your efforts and make money from Home Automation Business.
  • Grow the world of home automation with both websites and youtube.

3. Own Product Selling

  • Once you have done enough research and marketing over different platforms. This is the time now to launch your own home automation product locally.
  • It’s a call for proper business exitance physically. In this regard, you need to follow the business development team and legalize in all manner before you start your local Home Automation business.
  • You may get the idea of business requirements from similar websites like Truic
  • Now you have enough knowledge of the field. Start with one or two or a few products line because it will take time for you to understand this segment which is unlikely to former online businesses.
  • Smart lights and security cameras are the cash cow of this business as per the record.
  • Keep some branded products(of Google , Amazon, etc) and their services as well in your portfolio. This will also help you make money from matured products of Home automation Business.
  • This will let you penetrate the residential market easily by your good service and trust.
  • Try to make an agreement between insurance companies to give premium rates to your customer who are utilizing your home safety and security automation products.
  • Come up with similar interesting schemes to facilitate your customers and grow your local existance.
  • Sky is the limit. Grow the world of home automation with websites,  youtube, and now your local business. 

4. Launching your online Store

Online e-commerce
  • You have now matured business with improved home automation products that you sold in local market. Now its time to tap the global market via online stores.
  • The idea of online store is being supported and offered by many global platforms such as Amazon, Daraz, Aliexpress, etc.
  • You can target multiple platforms to sell your products anywhere like website, Facebook Page, Online Stores.
  • You should have a immediate responsive team to handle several operations of your business like handling shipment of online orders, marketing of products etc.
  • Plan your team accordingly. At this stage of business, you have to run all other parts of your business i.e website, youtube, Fb, etc at the same time.
  • Grow the world of home automation with all possible resources with you. Grow yourself and grow your society.

Customer Support and Service

Customer support and services are very important for every business, it’s rather a backbone for any business. The same goes for home automation. As a customer support and service provider, you have so many options you can utilize to provide your services to residential customers by updating smart devices’ software, solving malfunctioning devices, serve them with the best maintenance guide for their products. Help them how to integrate their smart device for better performance. Suggest them new product as a marketing campaign.


If you plan to start a business in the field of home automation then it’s the right domain you can start with. As it has support from many world-leading high tech companies and their products. You don’t need to worry about investment, you can go with less investment plan to higher with time and after gaining knowledge & expertise. You name it website option, youtube marketing option, Facebook, online stores, etc. But never forget to serve your customer with excellent customer support this will also help you market new products to them and gaining trust is also a more important thing. If you find this article useful, please share your valuable views I would love to know how I can provide more info in this topic.