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How to Make Your AC a Smart AC?

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Air Conditioners have become a most desirable necessity for all human beings whether at home or office. Further, If you are a smart home enthusiast and need to buy a new air conditioner. You’ll probably go for a Smart AC available in the market. But what if you have already purchased an air conditioner before the era of smart home devices? This article will provide you with the basic information & knowledge and further tools used for conversion to Smart AC.

Conventional air conditioners lack fundamental features such as time and temperature control and scheduling. In this era, it is very difficult to imagine an air conditioner that only functions when you operate it manually. If occupants can’t manage smartly then there is no benefit in residential ductless air conditioning and heating. This causes people to shift towards Smart AC to avoid this hassle. You can enjoy all features like creating cooling and heating schedules, activating geofencing, increasing your comfort, and saving energy just with help of your phone.

Tool Used for Conversion to Smart AC

The question is “How can a conventional AC be converted to a Smart AC?”. For this purpose, we can use a separate gadget named “Smart AC Controller“. This smart home device can make your old air conditioner smart. The gadget employs infrared technology to resemble a standard remote control. A WIFI-enabled device and we can access its interface by downloading an application on our phone. With the help of this program, your old air conditioner can become smarter and controlled remotely from your phone.

Smart AC Controllers

This WIFI-enabled smart AC controller is capable of nearly all the characteristics of conventional smart air conditioners. The conventional air conditioner is typically situated close to the smart AC controller, giving it a direct line of sight to the air conditioner. The smart AC controller serves as a link between your phone and your old air conditioner.

Smart Controllers Working

Your “non-smart” air conditioner gets intelligence with a smart ac controller. It connects to your air conditioner unit using infrared technology and enables you to add smart controls to it.

Without purchasing entirely new air conditioners, they frequently interface with your current smart home technologies and gadgets. It is compatible with all remote-controlled air conditioning systems, including window units, portable air conditioners, and mini splits. A smart AC controller connects to an app on your phone through WiFi and imitates the infrared signal from your air conditioner’s remote. The result is that you may conveniently operate your air conditioner using a smartphone app. And even better, some even link to integrations in your current smart home.

Smart Controllers’ Benefits

Control Smart AC remotely

Take care of your house by remotely controlling and keeping an eye on your air conditioner or heat pump system. With the free app, you have total control over it.

Energy consumption reduction

AC Controllers provide heating and cooling only when necessary, Your home’s climate is more efficiently controlled which saves electricity and your energy bills.

Smart AC profiles & Scheduling

Relax in a comfortable setting that is ideal for you. Based on your particular requirements, these smart ac controllers develop a custom cooling or warming schedule for you.

Smart home assistants

Control your ACs by your voice through commonly used smart home assistants, including Google, Alexa, and Siri.

Top 5 Smart AC Controllers


With a wide range of smart features, it is incredibly affordable also. The on-device temperature and humidity monitoring provide the option to keep the space at the ideal temperature. Additionally, it offers real-time air filter status to support energy conservation and maintain a healthy home environment, as well as the ability to define zones, establish routines, set up geofencing, and do much more.

It offers maximum convenience and savings by assisting you in reducing the energy costs for your air conditioners. It functions with IR remote-controlled mini-split, portable, and window air conditioners. Moreover, you may use your smartphone to remotely operate your air conditioners after connecting them to your Wi-Fi router.

Sensibo Sky AC Controller

It comes with multiple options, such as 7-day scheduling to tailor your cooling preferences, geofencing for automatic activation of your AC when you arrive or depart, and filter cleaning alerts to prolong the life and ensure the general performance of your AC.

You can manage your system with your phone or even with voice assistance through Siri, Google Home, or Amazon Alexa. It can be used with window air conditioners, mini-splits, ductless heat pumps, and portable air conditioners. Moreover, it can help you cut your cooling costs by up to 40% while also saving energy and time.

Atomi Smart

With the help of the Atomi Smart AC controller, enhance and customize your comfort. You may use your smartphone app to adjust the power, temperature, and fan speed remotely due to WiFi connectivity. You don’t even need to move a muscle as the AC controller works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This provides you with the most practical approach to control your comfort levels, increase energy productivity, and more effectively chill your house.

You have total control over the temperature in your house with Atomi Smart AC Controller! This gadget connects to your home network and enables you to control the temperature of your air conditioner using a smartphone app.

Ambi Climate 2

The Ambi Climate 2 supports a number of connections, including those with Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. In addition, it goes a step further and gives you an experience of artificial intelligence that is a combination of machine learning and user input.

One of the major drawbacks is that this particular device additionally needs an LCD screen on the remote. You have to select a different option if your air conditioner remote doesn’t offer this kind of display option.

Airconet Smart AC Controller

By using a smart app to control, the server transmits the command to Airconet. ​If the command is successfully received by Airconet, it will provide feedback to the app, which is shown on the screen. The controller controls Split or Window air conditioners wireless via Infrared (IR). It has to be in eye contact with the air conditioner to work properly. Some of the features include ;

  1. Limit Setpoint Temperature- It restricts users automatically from setting the air conditioner to the permissible temperature by the system. Even if users use the remote control to change the temperature above or below the allowable range, the system will automatically reset it.
  2. Motion Sensor – Comes with the option of switching on/off the air conditioner depending on room usage frequency.
  3. Weekly Schedule – Control multiple air conditioners according to time events and let them automatically repeat during the week. 
  4. Predictive Maintenance Alerts – You will receive a notification on your mobile phone in the following cases:

a. If the filters are dirty and to be cleaned.
b. If the temperature in the room exceeded or fell below a certain level.
c. If Wi-Fi communication with the server is unstable.
d. If the current (AMP) is out of range – the air conditioner’s current is too high or too low.
e. If the air conditioner consumes too much energy in comparison to the rated consumption.

Wrap Up

As discussed above smart ac controllers are however a short-term solution to fill the gap between outdated appliances and modern smart technologies. In the future most of the appliances will soon include built-in WiFi like some available in this era, removing the necessity for these smart controls. However, currently, these controllers are an excellent way to shift your home and surroundings into a smarter boundary without replacing all of your appliances.