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Smart Bed Technology and Famous Brands

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A Smart bed is a technology, which collects the sleeping patterns and health conditions of a person during sleep. It seamlessly connects itself with several IoT devices or Smart home Hubs to give the best comfortable experience. Typically, all smart bed consists of sensors spread all over the sheet of smart bed mattress that basically serves the purpose of monitoring a person’s breathing, heart rate, etc. This gathered data is shared in terms of reports on mobile apps as well as on smart home systems which helps to improve the user’s sleeping routine and coziness.

comfortable smart bed sleep
smart bed comfortable sleep

Conventional Beds Vs Hi-Tech Smart Beds

One thing that needs to be clear here before we further start discussing more on Smart bed. You will find many brands, over the internet, claiming themselves smart bed manufacturers but in reality, they are actually manufacturing multi-purpose beds (equipped with bedside pop-up desks, resting sofa, writing table, lights buttons, USB ports, etc.) rather than a bed that can fully integrate itself as a part of Smart home technology and other IoT device. These conventional multipurpose brands can not monitor sleeping patterns nor even sense other parameters that a True Smart Bed can. So be careful when selecting a bed. Every acclaimed smart bed is not a Hi-Tech bed you need to understand its offered features.

No More Sleep issues: Smart Bed Solved

One of the main advantages of a Smart bed is curing sleep issues. There are several sleep disorders faced by the adult age group. These intense sleep issues need to be address and handle with care. It should be noted when these sleeping problems are not handled it may affect your daily routine in different ways, like poor work performance, painful back, sleep apnea, raise the level of stress, or causing other medical condition such as diabetes and etc. In this way, we can say smart bed technology is not just a luxurious invention but also it is catering very severe issues that are normally ignored by most of us.

This technology is recommended for all people having sleeping disorders. We will mention in this article how smart beds help to handle and reduce these disorders. Mentioned sleep issues are not the only sleep disorders but are those which Smart bed technology can cure.

  • Sleep Apnea – Issue due to weight and health, causing difficulty in breathing during sleep | Adjustable bed can help windpipe breathe easily
  • Sleep Paralysis – Paralyzed condition when you awake from sleep | Sleep deprivation is main cause that smart bed can reduce
  • Insomnia – No control over sleeping/awakening | Irregular sleep schedule that can be mitigate using smart bed
  • Restless legs syndrome – No proper blood flow to legs | Adjustable beds can help reduce this issue.
  • Narcolepsy –Sudden attack of sleep in day time | Can also be cured if sleep deprivation handled by smart bed routine alert

Smart Bed: Latest Features

Following are the features we found in most of the latest smart bed brands. All these specifications are not necessarily included in every bed. You will be able to make the decision after this, which feature you should select before purchasing a futuristic bed.

Tracking your Sleep

One of the core main features of a true smart bed is sleep tracking. This phenomenal technology has changed the way we used to sleep. Due to this, we can track sleep stages, heart rate, breathing pattern, and number of tosses we did, all night. This helps the person to understand the quality of his/her sleep. Using the data one can improve sleeping routine and plan better to avoid sleep deprivation.

sleep track by smart bed
sleep tracker

Sleep tracking is achievable through several sensors, which are embedded in the mattress or its cover sheet. These sensors do not disturb the bed comfort or anything due to their tiny little sizes. It does not only create data throughout the night but also gives suitable commands to inflate, deflate or adjust the bed.

Adjustable Smart bed frame

Smart bed frames are constructed such that they can be raised to a certain angle from any of the sides (head or leg) as per user requirement. The feature is associated more with the bed frame and mattress flexibility. The smart bed can be programmed based on rules such as in the morning it slightly raises the head side of the bed to awake the person sleeping. Or during nighttime when a user is in deep sleep, it lowers the leg side back again.

Controlling Body Temperature

An amazing feature like temperature control is not available in every smart bed. This allows the bed to maintain the mattress temperature as per the user-defined set point such as ±2°C/F temperature lower or above the room temperature depending on the weather. This is achieved using thin water tubes coiled in the bed sheet which circulate cold or hot water with a separate pump. The whole night your body temperature is being controlled by a smart bed.

smart bed cool technolgy
Cooling technology

Mattress and Air Chamber

Air Chambers in a smart bed play a vital role, equally as sleep tracking. Air Chambers provide comfortable and healthy sleep by inflating or deflating it, in different sections throughout the night. Chamber’s air is based on data sensed via sleep track technology. There are several sections of the air chambers that can be adjusted independently both manually and automatically. To provide maximum comfort, the bed senses weight distribution of a body and accordingly adjusts air chambers automatically.

Smart home integration

It is one of the basic features of a smart bed which connects the bed with familiar smart home systems such as Homekit, SmartThing, Google Assistant, Home Assitant, Smart Watch and etc. This enables you to make some automation rules. Like automatically opening window curtains once a person sleeping is completely awake. The information of your consciousness from sleep will transmit by the bed sensors to your smart home system. One can also control smart bed functions using voice commands through smart home systems.

Speakers and charging ports

It is very common in many smart beds, that it has auxiliary ports for headphones, USB ports, and Power Socket. One more addition to these ports some smart beds also have Bluetooth audio speakers that will let you connect with your phone, smart TV, laptop, or play in-built music.

Smart Bed with TV

One of the most expensive features of modern smart beds is a one with a built-in TV system. Few smart beds come with builtin TV among which, HiCan is one of the brands that projects a screen in front of bed projector sheet. Some manufacturer suggests the size(between 32” to 42”) of TV that can easily fit later after purchase of a bed with TV frame mechanism.

When the user triggers a command to switch on the smart bed TV, usually the smart bed slides the TV frame out from the bottom of the bed frame with a motorized mechanism. View angle of TV can later be adjusted easily with remote control.

Making of mattress Cover

The feature is more like a magic. Yes you got it right. Smart bed here makes you carefree from making your bed sheets. Now, it is smart bed’s responsibility to see if the bed is unattended for a certain time then it will start making mattress covers itself with the help of robotic arms. These robotics arms hold the sheet firmly from both sides and slide it to the head side of bed. You can also give a manual command to start making bed covers.

Popup Drawers and Table

There are some brands that make bed multifunctional by equipping some extra popup drawers, shelves, and side tables for laptops. It is more to do with bed frame rather than the main mattress of smart bed technology

Smart Bed Brands and their Unique selling points

Eight Sleep

PRICE : $3000/- Queen Size

UNIQUE SELLING POINT: The only mattress for bed that provides heating and cooling technology. This gives less wake-ups

Rest Bed

PRICE: $5000/-

UNIQUE SELLING POINT: Selling the sleep technology that is AI-powered and used medical-grade parts.

Sleep Number 360

PRICE: $1500/-

UNIQUE SELLING POINT: They claim 28minutes more sleep, balance each side of bed’s temperature separately, and offering a 100-night trial.


PRICE:$13000 – $120,000 Customizable

UNIQUE SELLING POINT: Track your sleep with contact-less sensors, the highest level of comfort and entertainment with a 4k projector

Ghost SmartBed – 3D Matrix

PRICE: $2760/-

UNIQUE SELLING POINT: 3D Matrix patented gel polymer that reduces body heat and additionally an ultimate 7 comfort layers for pressure relief



UNIQUE SELLING POINT: Self making bed so no worries to make bed every morning.

Ultimate Smart Bed

PRICE: $2800 – $3400

UNIQUE SELLING POINT: Multifunctional Bed with massage chair, speakers, pop drawers, side table, book shelf and fully customizable design. They say small resort.


Use NFC Tags stickers on your bedsides and discover the potential of NFC technology to automate various tasks directly from your bed.