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Smart Glasses and three Important Questions

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In the world of Smart Automation Technology Smart Glasses is one of the finest technology that has changed the way we see the world. It has numerous advantages that make our life more productive than before. In this article, we will cover three most important questions mostly asked regarding Smart glasses

  1. What and why are smart glasses useful for us?
  2. What other best smart glasses are available on the horizon?
  3. How could smart glasses be used in the future?
smart technology smart glass
Smart Glass Vision

What and Why are smart glasses useful?

These glasses will make you smarter and more efficient with correct data on the moment you need and rightly placed within your line of sight.

The following features make these hi-tech glasses useful for humankind.

  • Allow you to connect with your cloud or system data storage, which helps you access useful information right on time.
  • All information and details accessibility without hassle or any kind of tossing your files and papers – Complete hands-free
  • These glasses allow you to capture the vision you are seeing with exact frame of your sight or make a complete video with just simple voice command/ gesture/ light tap on glass frame.
  • Internet connectivity with this gadget will increase information access.
  • Easy to carry and a cool wearable gadget.
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB connectivity make it more compatible with other devices.
Usefulness of smart glasses
Usefulnes of digital glasses

2) What other digital glasses are on the horizon?

Most importantly CLARIFY yourselves for VR (Virtual Reality) and AR Glasses (Augmented Reality) in comparison with smart glasses. VR & AR are not just glasses; rather they are complete headset gadget that separates you from the real world visually. However, Smart Glasses keep you alive in the real world; which means you can still see your surrounding without putting them off your head and allow you to perform your tasks, simultaneously, with better-integrated information in front of your eyes.

With the tight competition in smart world technology, there are lots of enterprises that have come up and tried their expertise in developing the best digital glasses. Only a few of them are successful in pitching their glasses as a product. Two of the most famous smart glasses manufacturers are

  1. Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 – Owned by Google
  2. Vuzix Smart Glasses  – Owned by Intel
google and vuzix smart glasses
Google vs Vuzix smart glasses

Google Glass and Vuzix Smart Glasses Comparison

Following detailed specifications, comparison has been developed which will help us to understand weighing parameters for a good digital glasses

Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2

Vuzix Glasses

3.) What could smart glasses be used for in the future?

Smart Glasses’ future usage has so much room to accommodate it in daily practices.

Glasses can be used in several applications starting from a student level to a professional. The following areas are those which can incorporate these glasses perfectly.

  • SUPPLY CHAIN : In the supply chain, there is a warehouse picking process. This process’s productivity can be enhanced using digital glasses. It will facilitate person who is picking with object information and its right placement in case of sorting.
  • INVESTIGATION : Using this technology can help investigation officers in the screening of several suspects in short time. By seeing back data of each person with the help of their face recognition using smart glasses.
  • EASY GOOGLE: Help Purchaser, tourists, or journalists to inspect any object they find, just by scanning it before smart glasses camera. Ultimately it will make easy google anything.
  • ENGINEERING : Engineers and technicians can easily perform electrical panel wiring and troubleshooting without holding wiring drawing documents in hand.
  • PATIENT INFO : Doctors can focus more on patient issues rather than tossing reports and history files. These glasses can bring every information of that patient right on glasses.

Wrap up

There is a lot more to say on these digital glasses and various brands, we have concluded our topic to main trending glasses for your interest and information. You may explore more and share with us if anything more you want us to include regarding this hi-tech glass technology. You are always welcome to HM Automate !