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Smart Shoes – The World’s First Lightweight, Flexible and Inexpensive Running

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Smart Shoes

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Shoes are the most important part of our clothing. When we wear them, it provides a great and lasting impression on others and your attitude is the main factor in this. Shoes can make a huge difference in your life and it’s necessary that you know how to choose the right pair for your needs. The best way to do this is by looking at the needs of your feet and then choosing a shoe that matches them. Smart shoes technology plays vital role in it.

What is a Smart Shoe?

Like all “wearable technology” smart shoes are also a part of changing dynamics of our world and they are now swapping the place of normal shoes. Smart home technologies include many well known products of which one of the product is “Smart Shoes”. They have different features than other shoes and their primary purpose is to make the wearer comfortable. You can wear them for long hours while walking, running or playing sports. They can prevent you from injuries and provide you with a much better experience. 

Smart shoes are a new technology that came into existence a few years ago. There is no doubt that they have been the hottest topic ever since they started appearing on the market. With smart shoes you can receive text messages, read emails, make phone calls, access social media, and much more. They help people to take control of their health like they can monitor your heartbeat and heart rate and can monitor your feet while you are sleeping. Further they can detect whether you are sitting, standing, or walking. They can also detect if you are getting up from bed or going to sleep. They can do all this with ease. Many people choose to wear a pair of smart shoes because they want to stay connected while they are away from their phone

How Do Smart Shoes Work?

Smart Shoes is a great invention that enables you to walk or run in an easier and more comfortable way. The basic components of a smart shoe are an insole, a sensor, a processor, and a battery. An Insole or a smart insole is the main component that connects the sensor to the processor. The sensor consists of a number of different sensors like It can be a pressure-sensing insole, an accelerometer, or even a temperature-sensing insole. The processor receives sensor data from the insole and translates it into meaningful information that the wearer can use. This information can include step count, activity, stress, sleep quality, or even blood glucose levels. A smart shoe consists of a battery, which is usually present in the heel. The battery provides power to the processor, which is placed inside the insole.

In this way this shoes are connected to a smartphone app via Bluetooth, and it sends the data to your smartphone so that you can get real-time feedback on your activity level. The smart shoes work like normal shoes except they have a built-in sensor. You can walk and run without taking your shoes off. They will alert you if you are walking or running too fast. The device will vibrate on alert. It will also show you the steps that you have taken. The sensors in these smart shoes are very sensitive.

Benefits of Using Smart Shoes

The benefits of using smart shoes are many and it helps the user in many ways like;

  1. These shoes are help you to track your movements. You can also control them using voice commands. 
  2. It tracks your distance walked, speed, time and calories burned. Wearer can view all data on his smartphone or tablet. It also gives you real-time feedback on the quality of your walk or run.
  3. It can also help you to improve your posture. It helps you to prevent back problems. When you wear these shoes you will be able to have an active and healthy lifestyle. You will not suffer from any kind of back pain.
  4. Durable materials and have good traction are one of the remarkable qualities in these shoes. You will not feel any pain when walking on uneven surfaces.
  5. You can also benefit from these shoes if you have arthritis or any other illness. They will provide support to your joints.

Disadvantages of Smart Shoes

While having benefits these shoes have some following disadvantages also which are:

  1. The weight of the battery pack can cause discomfort, particularly if the user walks for a long time.
  2. Smart shoes will always require batteries due to its sensors.
  3. The smart shoes has a small memory, so that the user may have to re-programmed each time he or she wishes to change the program.
  4. The price of the smart shoe is high and the technology used is relatively new.
  5. The smart shoe may not work with some types of footwear, such as sandals, which have no laces to tighten the shoe.
  6. The sensors’ periodical calibration is mandatory in the smart shoes. 
  7. Sensors have a limited lifetime. This lifetime is typically about 3 to 4 years.
  8. Sensors are typically not waterproof.

Who are the key players in the smart shoes market?

Smart shoes, also known as ‘wearables’ or ‘bio-metrics’ are gaining popularity because they provide multiple features to the user. The smart shoe market has been growing rapidly over the last five years. The key players in the market are ; 

Adidas, Asics, Nike, Puma, Skechers. The global smart shoes market is classified by type, application, and region. The type segment is further classified as activity trackers, pedometers, heart rate monitors, sleep trackers, smart watches, smart glasses, fitness trackers, and other. The application segment is further classified as running, walking, cycling, and other. 

Asics Smart Shoes

Asics is a Japanese athletic shoe brand founded in 1949. The company has over 50 years of experience in the sportswear industry and its products are known for their superior quality. Asics sneakers are available in men’s, women’s and kids’ sizes. The surprising smart features of their Asics smart shoes are:

No more carrying a smartphone. With the new Asics smart shoes, you can receive notifications on your smartphone, get directions and even check the weather on your phone while you walk! They are designed to be comfortable, fit well and have a great design. They have a built-in GPS system so you can track your progress with ease. 

Applicable to any surface, including wet and even snow; The shoes are able to recognize when you take them off and put them back on again. They can track your running or walking, while they give you some extra comfort. 


Nike is the largest player in the smart shoes market with its own app called Nike+ and other applications. The major features of Nike smart shoes are:

1.The shoes have a special shoe sensor and a chip that can communicate with the computer. This means that you will be able to know your running status anytime, anywhere and anytime.

2. The shoes also have a wireless heart rate monitor. You will be able to see your heartbeat on the display.

3. The shoes have a GPS (Global Positioning System) module. It will help you to track your running routes and other information.

4. The shoes have an accelerometer and gyroscope for motion detection.

5. The waterproof design, which can prevent water from entering the shoe and prevent the feet from becoming wet.

Under Armour

Under Armour is one of the fastest growing companies in the smart shoes market. The company recently acquired two companies; Zephyr Technology and ZiiLabs. Under Armour has developed smart shoes that are targeted at a different consumer base. It also develops technology for fitness and training. The smart features of Under Armour shoes are :

You can get all the information you need about how you are performing during your workouts. Under Armour shoes are designed with an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to provide all kinds of performance data, such as heart rate, distance, time, calorie count, speed, pace and more. This will allow you to get in-depth analysis of your workouts. With the help of the sensors, you can monitor your heartbeat, your heart rate and even how many calories you are burning while you are running. These technologies make it easier for you to track your progress over time. This information can help you to achieve your fitness goals. It can also help you to develop your endurance.

1.Comfort : the shoe is designed with a new upper design, providing you with comfort and excellent wearing experience.

2. Stability : the shoe can be worn with different types of sports activities. It has been engineered to enhance stability for all-day comfort and performance.

3. Anti-slip : the shoe is equipped with anti-slip technology, which provides excellent grip on various surfaces.

4. Fit : the shoe has been designed for maximum fit and comfort so that it feels like you have just slipped them on.

Puma Smart Shoes

The Puma smart shoes are one of the most popular running shoes on the market, and for good reason. They provide an easy-to-use platform to track your fitness progress, give you feedback on your workout, and sync with various other devices. While they don’t come cheap, they are well worth the investment for anyone serious about getting fit. Puma has made some significant improvements to their smart shoe over the years. The remarkable features of their shoes are:

There are three main benefits of owning a pair of the Puma smart shoes:

  1. It can track your fitness progress
  2. It can keep you motivated throughout the day
  3. It can sync with other devices

The best thing about these shoes is that they are compatible with many different devices. Whether you are running to improve your endurance or just trying to lose weight, the Puma smart shoes will help you. The Puma smart shoes offer you several different training programs to make sure that you achieve the level of fitness that you desire. These shoes will help you to track your daily activity, including your daily calorie consumption. You will know exactly what to eat and how much to consume on a daily basis. These shoes are also equipped with GPS, which will help you to monitor your progress.


Skechers is a multinational corporation that manufactures and distributes athletic footwear, apparel and accessories for men, women and children. It is one of the most well-known athletic shoe brands in the world. The remarkable smart features of their smart shoes are:

The Skechers GoTrack app, which allows you to track your steps, calories, distance and more. An onboard heart rate monitor, so that you can get a pulse on your fitness level. The ability to pair your phone with the Skechers GOwalk Smart Shoe. If you’ve ever used any of these smart features, then you know they are incredibly convenient. But they also cost money. So it’s no surprise that Skechers has been expanding into other areas. One of those areas is health and wellness.

They have an adjustable heel counter and an air cushion to help the wearer with a good fit; they are waterproof; they are shock-absorbing and offer great support.

The shoes feature a cushioned sole that is light and flexible. These shoes offer the right amount of shock absorption for comfort. They also provide a supportive arch support. The Skechers shoes are made of nylon and rubber. Some people like the fact that these shoes offer a comfortable fit while others prefer a looser fit. The shoe has a breathable mesh upper that is designed to allow the foot to breathe.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Smart Shoes.

Smart shoes are a great way to keep your feet healthy and comfortable. These shoes are made from special materials that will help you be more active. While smart shoes can make life easier, it is important to use them properly. You may not get the most out of your smart shoe if you don’t know how to use them correctly. 

It’s not easy to master the art of using a smart shoe, so following are some tips on how to use a smart shoe properly;

  • Choose the right shoe before you buy any smart shoes, it is important to first determine what type of shoe you need.
  • Choose your shoe depending on what you want to do. Do you want to walk or jog? A casual shoe or tennis shoe is a good choice. On the other hand, if you plan to exercise vigorously, choose a sports shoe or an athletic shoe. 
  • There are many ways in which you can use a smart shoe. For instance, you can use it to control your pedometer, pace your walk or run, record your steps, record your distance or time. You can also wear your smart shoe to record your progress. In order to use the smart shoe effectively, you should know how it works. You should try to figure out its different features and functions. You should also make sure that the device works properly before you use it. It would be much easier for you to follow these instructions if you have the device with you.


Keeping in view of the above points discussed in the article, Smart shoes is a revolutionary technology that will help you to lose weight, get fit and stay healthy. The shoes are designed to measure your every step and then give you instant feedback on how you’re doing. They’re worn like a normal pair of shoes but they have built-in sensors that track your every move. In conclusion, if you’re going to buy a pair of shoes, you need to know what you want in a shoe. If you’re looking for a shoe that will help you to look good, then you need to check out the best men’s shoes. These shoes will make your feet look good and also help you to be comfortable while you’re wearing them.