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How To Use Smart Home Technology For Fun

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Don’t you ever feel concerned about your boring life? 60% of US adults said they feel occasionally too engaged and busy that they can’t find time to relax. Whereas, around 12% of US adults said they always feel like no leisure time to enjoy life. Most people don’t bother to make their life entertaining or relaxing. This is not because they don’t want to, in actuality, this is because they consider this an extra task to take out time for them. Another aspect, being busy has become status and it shows you are in demand.
Thanks to our smart tech, in this article, we will share the best ideas with the help of smart devices you can utilize technology for fun-loving life and be more efficient at the same time.

What are the ways you can make use techonology for fun? 

technology for fun

The study has shown, a large number of people who have little time in their busy lives, make their life exciting by relaxing, by pursuing their hobbies, or by entertaining themselves. By virtue of technology, it has invented some of the really cool devices for our fun. What are such devices? In this article, we have divided fun into three categories.
A. Smart devices for relaxing your mind
B. Smart devices for pursuing hobby
C. Smart devices for entertainment

A. Smart devices for relaxing your mind:

relax mind with technology

One of the most effective ways to have fun in your monotonous life is to relax your mind. Of course, you must be thinking now, about how you can get rid of the repetitive work when you are literally not able to skip any of your daily tasks. The answer is quite simple. Smart technology has involved itself in this too. There are smart devices that can actually make your mind relax. Let’s have a look at these devices:

1.Smart bulb

Already boring life even has become more boring by just having a white color in your life. The smart bulb has a feature to emit light according to your mood and make your life and room colorful. For example, you are having a mood of relaxing, the smart light emits orange light. Want to have a romantic environment? Just switch it to pink light or if you are planning a party, don’t hesitate on this. Smart light gives you an option of party mode as well.

2.Meditation headband

keeping your mind relaxed and calm with yoga is another best practice. There are several gadgets in the market which help support you in doing yoga. One of the devices is a Meditation headband that is super useful for relaxing your mind and taking you to some other world. Meditation headband comes in so many brands, Muse 2 Brain sensing headband is among the best. It lets you listen to soothing sound patterns that will allow you to focus your brain and breathing. After these soothing sounds, you will feel more fresh and relaxed.

3. Smart drawing pad:

A lot of folks these days consider drawing or doodling as a great source of pleasure to please their minds but don’t actually get time to do it. As they don’t have enough time to settle things like brushes, paints paper for this. Therefore, they ignore doing it but what they actually don’t know is nowadays, we have dedicated devices for this as well. Digital writing tablets or Smart Slate or Digital Writing Notepad plays an important role for such purpose. Now you don’t need to settle up the things, it will be just your digital pad that can allow you to draw, sketch, doodle, or write notes anywhere. As it has numerous options of different brushes and strokes, thus it is now easier to sketch more properly and use this technology for fun.

Do you know what is the best thing about it? You can have all of this on your personal computer as well when you connect it to the PC. The smart digital slate is not only good news for sketchers or doodlers but also a good option for fashion students too, who can write notes and drawings taught in the classrooms and can also complete the different assignments on it.

4. Smart levitating things

All those who want to make Harry Potter’s levitating charm and spell, in reality, should purchase these smart levitating devices. Science has made it possible for things to levitate in the air like magic. Strong electromagnetic devices have changed the way of decorating items, into unusual and relaxing stuff, that we typically keep in our drawing rooms. There are several variants of these devices, the most attractive ones are levitating flower pot in your room, levitating mini-moon/sun shape lamps on your desk, anti-gravity liquid drops. All these decoration devices will make your surroundings attractive and relaxing at the same time.

B. Smart devices for pursuing hobby:

smart device technology for hobby

A large majority of people are also found in having fun by just pursuing their favorite hobby. Chasing their hobby actually makes them relax and enjoy life to the fullest. Smart technology has also modernized itself in this field as well they have introduced almost every smart device for different hobbies. Let’s view, what are some useful devices for pursuing hobbies.

1.Smart gardening automation:

There are several smart devices that are used for gardening purposes, for all those who love to pursue gardening as a hobby

1.1 Robotic lawnmower:

A robotic lawn mower reveals the tension of your growing uneven grass. It just helps you by cutting your grass on your one command. All you need is a smartphone and Wi-Fi to pass your command to your assistant mower.

1.2 Smart watering system:

A smart watering system not only helps you in the sprinkling of water automatically but also allows you to know when your plants need to be moisturized, as it has sensors for detecting it. It also considers weather conditions and time sprinkling needs per day. Using this device your water consumption for a garden will also reduce 40% in comparison with manual watering.

2.Smart automation for pets:

Keeping pets is one of the great hobbies to have fun but being busy can even ignore your lovable pets, therefore technology has to design some smart devices that can take care of your beloved pets so you can care more by relying on smart devices. 

2.1 Smart pet feeder:

A smart pet feeder can feed your pet on your one command, what you got to do is to fill up the box and instruct it through your smartphone, from wherever you are. The smart pet feeder will dispense food on its own. You can also schedule it according to your pet’s needs and guess what? It also has the option of calling your pet’s name when it dispenses the food for your pet.

2.2 Smart pet cleaner:

Similarly, we have now a smart pet cleaner as well that can assist you to rake off the mess of your pet. Smart cleaners have sensors fixed in themselves that will start cleaning the mess of your pet right after 10 minutes of your pet leaving from the box. 

C. Smart devices for entertainment:

smart device for entertainment

Entertainment is one of the biggest sources to have fun in your busy life. Usually, people go to parties to have such fun but what about the people who don’t have time to follow such trends. Technology has evolved amazingly and we have devices for these types of people who can use technology for fun in an easy-access way. 

1.Smart TV box: 

Smart TV box permits you to watch a wide variety of entertaining shows according to your mood. It has an enormous number of TV shows, seasons, and episodes streamed in from different entertaining applications like YouTube, Netflix, and many others. The device is actually a dongle that is plugin into your TV and needs to be connected to your smartphone, and all there is on TV. It works through the internet and helps you to stream almost every show that you want to watch these days. TV streaming sticks have also taken place of big TV boxes, however, the purpose and the function are the same.

2.Virtual Reality Headset: 

Virtual reality(VR) headsets also known as virtual reality glasses are a great source of entertainment these days, when connected with a good pair of headphones or other accessories such as treadmills, hand controllers, or sensors, just make you feel in the fantasy world. It gives you complete another feeling while playing games or watching a movie as you feel you’re actually in there. Virtual reality goggles give a 3D experience just by sitting at home and their sensors allow them to stimulate the same feeling on the skin as the movement in the digital game or a movie. This will take the technology for fun to the next level.

Virtual goggle is not only designed for the purpose of entertainment by giving 3D adventure but also of great use by many civil designers. It helps them to perceive the design by virtually experiencing your presence in it. As you know the world is changing into a meta world, VR headset will allow you to attend any of the seminars, parties, or any event happening anywhere in the world just by sitting at home.

3. Smart Music Devices

Smart music devices are also the best source of entertainment for all those who love music. today in the technologically advanced era, there are several very attractive and innovative smart music devices. Devices you can use for composing new rhythms, devices that can keep you updated with trending music and songs. One of the brands you may give it a try, which is more innovative than a classical music instrument i.e Specdrums – with musical rings. The device comes with finger sensor rings that sense color of any object and give a beautiful unique sound on each different color. Another one is the musical wall-mounted panel. These wall panels have several features such as Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity, touch panel, multi-audio sources option, audio output option etc. Such musical updated devices have truly changed technology for fun.

Sum up

There was an era when people used to play games outdoor, watch movies in cinemas, do candlelight dinners, buy expensive stationaries for their drawing interests, spend hours to make their gardens beautiful, and much more, but the busy life and the race of success have deteriorated us from all fun activities and made us so mentally stressed that we don’t have time for ourselves. But then comes our technology, which understood our mental stress and introduced various devices for fun. Technology for fun has not only made an amazing impact on our depressing life but also given us a reason for living.

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