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What are the smart devices you can gift grandparents?

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Are you planning to gift your grandparents a smart device, on their Anniversary or this coming Christmas or New Year? And you are looking for something very special, economical and should be helpful for them in long run. First of all, it’s the best idea to care for your grandparents. And second, the good news is! you’re reading the right article to know every aspect we have gathered from the research to decide best gift for grandparents. 


  • The things grandparents like? 
  • They willing to have at this age? 
  • The things make them feel safe and engage in this fast-moving life?

The article is more about smart devices suitable for our grandparents. At the end of the article, you will be able to select the right gift for your beloved grandparents.   

Smart device or traditional gifts for grandparents?

Smart device gift vs Traditional gift

The market of gifts and souvenirs is so huge you can imagine from the data received from the National Retail Federation (NRF) which tells us, people in the United States spend around $840 Billion to $860 Billion on gifts during 2020. So, you must have numerous options to decide from the gift market. Instead of falling into a wrong decision and finalizing something which is not worth enough for your grandparents is not a good idea. To help you select gifts for grandparents, I have divided gift types into two groups 1) Smart Device Gift 2) Traditional Gift. Before we come to Smart Device, let me clarify what are traditional gifts that best suit grandparents.

Traditional Gifts such as clothes, watches, photo albums, jackets, glasses, shades, etc. these all gifts that you may have gifted before. But this is 2022, it’s not only you, who need hi-tech devices but also your elders, your grandparents deserved tech-updated gadgets and this will help them in several ways that we will learn later in this article.

As per the record, people over the age of 65years are above 55 million in the US and the majority of them said they would prefer to live in their peaceful home rather than any old-care facility. So this brings us to the point that why not equipped grandparents’ homes with devices that will make their lives easy, safe, and secure.

Smart device gifts your grandparent need most

What smart device you can gift your grandparents and what devices suitable for them. To answer this, I have further categorized smart devices into the following category. This may help you understand and will light up new ideas for selecting smart devices as a gift.

  1. Utility-Related Smart Home Devices for elders
  2. Entertainment Smart Home Devices for elders
  3. Safety-Related Smart Home Devices for elders
smart device for grandparents ebook
Utility-Related Smart device for grandparents

All those devices that will help grandparents in their home chores will come under this category of Utility gift for grandparents.

1.1 Automated lights

What are Automated lights: Automated lights are the devices that can be used to remotely set on and off lights and also to dim the lights automatically as well.

How Automated lights help old people: This can help our grandparents in several ways, they don’t need to always care about switching off the lights of any unoccupied room. This can also change its intensity as per user requirements. Automatically this may switch itself according to daytime. Grandparents can also access any of it just via a smartphone app.

Suggested Brands: Philips Hue, Wyze Bulb, Sengled Smart

1.2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

What is a Robot Vacuum Cleaner: A robot vacuum cleaner is a smart device that can map your whole room with its laser feature and then can clean every corner of your room with its limited vacuum dust tank. This robot vacuum cleaner always reminds me of Jetson Rosie

How a robot vacuum cleaner helps old people: The smart robot vacuum cleaner is the best thing for grandparents who are usually worried about room dust and pet dust. The robot vacuum has a smart feature that protects it to hit walls, corners, or fall from stairs.

Suggested Brands: iRobot Roomba S9+ , ECOVACS DEEBOT 500, Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop

1.3 Sock Aid

What is Sock Aid: A sock aid is a wonderful device for all those who can not wear socks without anyone else help.

How a sock aid helps old people: The sock aid mechanism helps them wear socks easily without bending down. Some sock aid machines come with adjustable lengths for griping its handle. It can easily store and handle without any second-person help.

Suggested Brands: Dorking, SUSSURRO, IBLUELOVER

2. Entertainment Smart Home Devices for elders

Entertainment smart device for grandparents

All those devices that serve the purpose of entertainment come under this category of entertainment device gift for grandparents.

2.1 Assistive domotics

What is Assistive domotics: It is an attractive system rather than a device. It is a key device for home automation that enables elderly and old people also to control other home devices with voice instructions.

How Assistive domotics help old people: Assistive domotics is a super support system for old people and grandparents who are living alone. It has got artificial intelligence that allows it to interact with the users and also follow the instructions of a particular user. Our grandparents can command assistive domotics for playing their favorite songs or update them about their schedules, appointments, and miscalls. Such type of system will not make our grandparents feel alone at home because assistive domotics can interact with them with its best AI feature.

Suggested Brands: Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod mini, Google Nest Audio

2.2 Smart Display

What is a Smart Display: A smart display is a modern television with extraordinary features that totally changed the way you watch it. 

How a smart display helps old people: This device is very useful in terms of entertainment. Our grandparents can watch and use the smart display for various purposes. They can watch their favorite serial, enjoy watching grandchildren’s old pictures and can keep saving new pictures. Also, they can comfortably have better quality family video conferences with its dedicated applications. Interaction with other smart devices is also possible with the smart display. It comes in several sizes and designs.

Suggested Brands: Amazon. Echo Show 10, Google Nest Hub, Samsung-Smart Tizen

2.3 Smart Watch

What is a smartwatch: A smartwatch is a device that not only tells time but also tells users health status from heart rate, oxygen level, and some other health-related details. This also integrates with smartphone apps.

How a smartwatch helps old people: This device is useful, to keep track of elders’ health conditions, it will notify them as well as guardians, caretakers about any abnormality detected by the device. This device allows them to keep eye on smartphone notifications as well as lots of other features that integrate them with other smart devices.

Suggested Brands: Amazfit, Apple Watch, Fitbit, Mobvoi

Safety related smart device for grandparents

All those devices that refers to the safety and security of our grandparents living in the home

3.1 Door Eye Camera

What is a door-eye camera: A door eye camera is a smart peephole device. This device can display a person in front of the door properly on its screen or can share display on other devices as well. It has built-in memory to store images and videos.

How door eye camera helps old people: This device is super useful for elder people, especially those who can not attend every now and then a visitor on the door. This device can show a full-size image of a person standing at the door outside. This also keeps records of all the visitors whether attended or not at night or day hours. This device also allows people whose face is already recognized by a door eye camera. It also has some smart intelligence features that make it stand out with a local camera at the door.

Suggested Brands: RingDoorbell, Brinno Front Door, Logitech Circle View, Nest Doorbell

3.2 Smart Power Socket

What is a smart power socket: A smart power socket is a smart safety device that can switch off and on at a set timer and also via smart wireless access.

How a smart power socket helps old people: This device is the safest power socket, that can help in case of a fire emergency, in case of leaving a device plugged on, or accessing device switch remotely from any room. This smart power socket suits the routine of our grandparents as they are usually carefree and some also have a memory loss issue. 

Suggested Brands: TP-Link Kasa wifi plug, Wyze Plug, TECKIN Smart Power Strip

3.3 Medicine reminder

What is Medicine Reminder: It’s a smart device that will help remind patients of its medicine on due time via alarm, notification, or voice on any device.

How a medicine reminder helps old people: This device is specially built for old people like our grandparents who usually forget their medicine time. This will not only inform you about medicine time but also other pieces of information that are useful like medicine stock, available discounts on medicine or related stuff, etc.

Suggested Brands: TabTime Timer, E-Pill TimeCap, Walgreens talking


The article well explained the need and selection of smart device gift for grandparents. We have categorized the idea of smart devices as gifts into three categories. This categorization may help you make your mind regarding the best device for grandparents’ gifts. The great part of a smart device is that you can set up any device with your grandparent’s smartphone which will give them remote access for most of the devices. One thing that needs to be considered always when selecting a smart device is that it should not breach the privacy of the end-user and such devices should ensure personal data protection. For further suggestions, you may share your comments. If you want to know more about Home Automation and Smart technology, read our detailed articles as linked.